Notice Assurance Program

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What does the program cover?

Audit services

Under this agreement, Woodall & Associates, PA agrees to provide audit support in accordance with the level of service paid for by the client. Woodall and Associates, PA and the client acknowledge that this agreement covers only notices and audits pertaining to personal income tax returns prepared by Woodall & Associates, PA for the tax year in which the fee was charged. The program does not cover notices received for other tax periods, other taxpayers or dependents, or those received before the date this agreement is signed.

Woodall & Associates, PA agrees to perform up to 10 hours of the following services for notices or audits for the covered tax return:

  • Meet client and plan audit strategy. Define necessary supporting schedules and documentation
  • Assist client in preparing documentation and schedules for audit
  • Prepare power of attorney form and contact IRS to schedule appointment for audit
  • Represent client in audit with the taxing authorities
  • Appeal audit results with auditor's supervision
  • Appeal results of audit up to the conference level of the IRS Appeal process, if deemed reasonable prospect of success
  • Prepare amended state and local tax returns, if needed to conform to IRS audit results

Are all returns eligible?

Not all taxpayers and not all personal income tax returns are eligible for this program. If your return is not eligible, you will not be enrolled in the program and a fee will not be included on your invoice even if you have chosen to participate.

For example, if your return is filed late and is either not preceded by an accurate and timely request for an extension of time to file, or is filed after the expiration of an extension, it is ineligible for the Notice Assurance Program. You will not be charged a fee, and you will not be enrolled.

If your return is ineligible for any reason, those details will be discussed with you at that time.